About StudentEvents.com

As a student, I found myself constantly looking for cool events to participate in next to my studies.

I always discovered them too late:

  • through a friend’s status update about going to NYC for free;
  • a friend announcing he’s going skiing in Austria with a consulting company;
  • or friends having already formed a team before I even discovered the competition.

When I actually tried looking for the best events, though, it was really difficult to sort them out from the rest. Yes, I tried to Google some keywords and try my luck – but the events I found were outdated, or not open for my study field or level. I wasn’t sure whether the events I did find would even be worth the precious time I had outside of homework.

My friends and I started thinking: What if we take all the events out there and list them on one platform where students could easily find and register to them?

This question led us to build StudentEvents.com, a website that I wish would have existed when I started my Bachelor and throughout my Master.

I hope you enjoy the website, and use it as a tool to find events, get involved and be part of a community of ambitious young people. Don’t forget to register with us to get personalized emails about the kinds of events you care about.

If you ever have any suggestions on how StudentEvents.com can grow and become better, shoot me an email anytime at info@studentevents.com

Good luck this year and get involved!

Jonathan Friedman, CEO and founder of StudentEvents.com

Jonathan has a BSc International Business Administration, Cum Laude, and a MSc in Finance and Investments, both from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has previously founded an international business and he participated in many student competitions, conferences, and courses during his academic studies.


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