A Postgraduate Perspective

By Sreekanth Daruvuri (Campus Ambassador for S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai, India)

Ever since I started my MBA course at SPJIMR, one of the top ten B-Schools in India, I have wanted to participate in B-School competitions apart from studies.  However, I didn’t have any information regarding such events until I found out about StudentEvents.com

StudentEvents helps management students like me to find out about various competitions and events happening across India and abroad.  

It displays a wide variety of services including information about upcoming Seminars, Competitions and Conferences for undergraduates, master’s, and PhD students from different fields of education such as Technology & Engineering, Business & Economics etc.

It is a one-stop platform for all students across the world to have information about all kinds of events happening worldwide. Some events offer opportunities such as global internships, which are a good way for students to find good jobs.

It is simple to register, as the website is very user-friendly and easy to use. It saves my time and gives me complete information about all kinds of events – from what the prizes are, to who the organizer is, and more. I even have the option to inform students about events happening at my Institute, helping organizers to reach out to students from other colleges across India and abroad.

Participating in Business Competitions and events will give me the opportunity to win cash prizes, internships, and other opportunities to interact with and learn from the best minds in the world.

I wish StudentEvents to reach all students across the world.

Not a business student? No problem! Discover events that suit your interests and talents today!

Do you want to become a Campus Ambassador like Sreekanth for your school? Build contacts around the world, let YOUR voice be heard, and find out about the coolest events first. Send your resume to ambassadors@studentevents.com today!

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