RealLife: From the Classroom to Consultancy #1

By Barbara Oberc (Campus Ambassador at the University of Newcastle, UK)

[October 1, 2011]

Enjoying the last few days of a wonderfully relaxing summer back home in Ljubljana has made me hardly aware that come Monday I’ll be across the channel to begin the first term of my third and final year studying Business Management at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Like most of us entering the final stage of our bachelor’s degree, with that once far-off graduation date looming ever closer, I’m anticipating the busiest year so far. It’s no minor detail that the classification of my degree depends on how well I do this year.

However, I’m also expecting the upcoming year to be the most rewarding and, yes, the most exciting of the three. Why, you might ask?

As part of my third year modules, I was allowed to choose between writing a lengthy dissertation and participating in a senior project: I chose the latter. A rather obvious choice if, like myself, you’re thinking about a future career in management consultancy.

This means that for the duration of this academic year, I will be working within a team as a management consultant for a real-life company!

An unpaid position it may be, but, as you might agree, it’s about the experience. What is it really like, working in consultancy? What is it really like, working in a team? How and what do you benefit from this work? What do you learn? How do you deal with the issues that (inevitably) arise? To what extent does it pay off having a good team? A good boss?

For all of you who might be entertaining the idea of working as a management consultant and would like to sneak a peek into what it’s really like, look out for further installments about my experience right here on the blog.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Barbara’s blog next week and see how her first week of RealLife turns out!


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