A Reflection on Rejections

By Arush Chandna, Head Ambassador in India

First of all, let me share with you why I chose this topic for my post.

To start off with, I have received 5 this week. So you can say, I was just in the mood for it.

Many of you may be actively involved in extra-curriculars (as I’m sure a lot of you reading this post are) will be quite familiar with this feeling. It sure can be gutting to get rejected for a business plan competition when you’ve worked on it for 3 months.

Recently, I received an email from the organizer of a conference that my profile was amongst the top three they were considering for the position, but they only had to select one.

The last line of the email read, “We advice you not to get discouraged”. Aww c’mon!!

But believe me, there is a way of overcoming this disappointment. And although this, I know is easier said than done, it is pretty easy and works quite well for me. Whenever I’m feeling a bit low, I just take half a day off and start working on 3 new applications. Trust me, in time; this does pay its dividends.

Because when you get that one mail that says, “Congratulations, you have been selected” or “We would be glad to invite you to…” oh boy, it sure does feel special. 

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