Surviving Dorm Life

Living in a dorm room is a big adjustment from living at home, even if your room at home is just as small. You might find yourself a little overwhelmed if its your first time living away from home. So, the question is..

How do you make your new small space feel like home?

Answer  #1: Make sure that all of your bedding and all of the accessories that you bought are everything that you like, the more you enjoy the stuff that you have to look at everyday, the more comfortable you will feel in your space.

Answer #2: Bring a ton of your favorite pictures with all of the people that you love the most. Seeing the people that you love on a daily basis all around you helps you feel less homesick and more at home.

Answer #3: Utilize your space. Just because your furniture is set up a certain way on move in day, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Ive been at school for 4 weeks and I still switch things around on a daily basis. Do whatever it is that you have to do to make yourself feel most comfortable, within regulation of course.

Answer #4: This is my final answer. If you enjoy the school that your at, but feel really homesick, the worst thing that you could do is go home. As much as most people would like to not admit it, we all miss our parents and our home. ALL OF US. Get to know the people at school before running home to your parents’ place.

…I lied. I have one more thing that might help your transition, and you social life in college. Say hi to everyone and be nice, but please, girls especially, don’t be fake and just be yourself. The more friends that you make, the easier everything will be for you.

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