Creativity for the Non-Creative

Just a few days ago I was sitting here at my desk, contemplating life (read: procrastinating) when I remembered a question that kept popping up at almost every social event I’ve been to since the beginning my course:

 “Creative Industries? What the…?”

A simple answer to remedy the confusion is this: all the music, films, literature, advertisements, video games and other “artful” things you encounter in your everyday life are creative industries.

They are businesses producing and selling cultural products in all shapes and formats.

They might be from your home town, or imported from some distant land (think: Hollywood movies in the UK or Susan Boyle in the US). Although individual artists may loathe admitting it, making a living off of creativity is a business.

Businesses are not an individual effort, either, and even producing one song involves multiple creative individuals. A whole team will work with your favourite musician to create the finished product, despite the musician taking most of the credit.

Example of a professional production environmentThis is why even if – like me – you’ve spent your teens envying that obscenely talented guitarist/singer/actress in your class and jumping around lip-syncing to your favourite song, knowing you may never be as good, there’s still a way to get involved in it all.

When considering a career in the creative and media industries many people turn away at the very beginning, thinking

“I’m not talented enough, I’ll just make a fool of myself.”

I say consider what skills you do have.

Do you have business knowledge? Are you tech savvy? Are you a marketer in the making? A good writer perhaps? Do you like to experiment with your style?

Make a list and you will begin to see there’s plenty of ways to get into the creative industries. The only real prerequisites are your passion and a certain disregard for convention.

And don’t forget to get involved in events that might just end up being the thing on your CV that gets your foot in the door! Good luck!

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