From the Classroom to Consultancy #3

This week our class of about forty-five met with the seven clients. The meeting very much resembled your average session of speed dating as we sat ourselves (in random groups of five or six) around seven tables while the clients switched from one to another on ten minute intervals.

The amusing situation quickly made for a relaxed atmosphere. We chatted with the clients about their organisations, the issues that needed solving and the areas that needed improving, and what exactly they expected us, as their potential consultants, to do.

While the organisation itself (its mission, its vision, etc.) is something to think about, the real deciding factor when considering whether you’d like to work for a certain client in this scenario is really the project they have in store for you. And I can assure you that some of them sounded a whole lot more interesting (and realizable) than others.

Some projects will require focusing on human resource management, some on culture management, others on marketing, and so on.

In choosing the right project for yourself you’ll probably take into account your areas of interest (and) where you can play up your strengths.

Similarly, you will probably favour working for the organisation you can get the most out of. If it’s a large organisation, you may want to benefit from seeing its inner workings and how the business operates. If it’s a new organisation, you may want to gain the knowledge and experience it takes to set it up.

In the end, of course, the client’s preferences will trump our own when it comes to deciding who gets to work for them. And considering the response to our e-mails submitting our two choices had us know that most of us had chosen the same two clients…

I really don’t know what to expect.

Needless to say, I simply can’t wait for Monday to roll around when after two weeks of ‘fiddling about’ I finally get assigned to a client and a group. Until then!

—Barbara Oberc is the StudentEvents Campus Ambassador for University of Newcastle. Every week, Barbara will update us on her progress in her senior project as she tries to make it as a “real world” management consultant: From the Classroom to Consultancy.

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