4 Reasons to Attend a Student Event this Year

You’re in college, enjoying the best years of your life – it’s all about hanging out with your friends, doing some studying and mostly having a lot of fun. Find out how participating in a student competition, conference, or seminar NOW will help your essays write themselves…

1. Because it’s fun

Would you enjoy skiing in Austria with McKinsey consultants? Flying to Rome with BCG? Or perhaps an all-expenses paid trip to NYC to attend a conference at the Hyatt with CEO’s you only get to see on TV?

All these events and many more are out there just for students. These events are designed with you in mind to be a lot of fun, while also being career-oriented.

2. Because you can make money

Prizes can range from a few thousand bucks up to a million. Not to mention all the freebies handed out, like a subscription to the conference’s journal, or a swag bag!

And then there’s the goodies – trips, laptops, international exposure – it’s time for your first 15 minutes of fame!

Got a great idea? There are numerous contests that revolve around entrepreneurship, where you can pitch your idea to an expert jury. This can be a great route to raise the capital you need to get started. It is also useful to test your self-proclaimed amazing business idea against the pushback from the crowd. The expert advice you get either during the competition or as prize equivalent can be very valuable.

3. Because you learn

At student conferences you get to meet experts on their respective subjects, C-level executives, Nobel laureates and academics that you would otherwise be reading about while writing your thesis.

The larger and more prestigious the event, the bigger the names they attract.

Besides the experts, you get to talk to other students who are interested in the same subject as you. Conversing with other students is a great way to learn informally. At career conferences and seminars, you can learn about a company’s divisions and its people, giving you a feel about how it would be like working there. This can be much more informative than simply gazing at their corporate website.

4. Because it opens up opportunities

Many companies organize events to attract students. While you are eyeing them, they are definitely examining you.

Winners often get internships or even full time job offers.

Even just participating puts you on their radar since you have already participated in some initial screening and they get to meet you in person. If you are a student entrepreneur, besides the general publicity, your business enjoys extended exposure to many potential stakeholders. It gives you a stage to showcase your product or service to large crowds, in which a client, an investor or just an enthusiast can be lurking.

To sum it up

Student Events are designed with you in mind. There are so many out there that you are probably not even aware of.

Whether you’re studying business, engineering, social sciences, or something else – attending a student event not only looks great on your CV, but also can help you decide what you are really interested in! Develop your leadership skills, and improve your articulation about what you really want. Student Events are hidden gems that are looking for you.

Are you looking for them?

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