Student Competitions

Who would want a routine as redundant as a typically spent week?

Waking up on a Monday morning, going to work or school, coming back, eat, sleep, wake up again and persisting with this the entire week. It is not only boring but also annoying when you have nothing new to do in your life.

To me, it’s like you drift around like a ship without a rudder.

Participating in competitions is a good way to keep students involved in activities that are helpful for the all-round enhancement of the personality as well as for increasing their knowledge beyond the curriculum.Teamwork hands multicultural

Whenever three people gather to complete a task, they learn new ways to look for solutions and to complete that task in any possible way. All our lives we are told to learn new things; our parents, teachers, elders keep on teaching us to broaden our horizons and what better a way to do so than competitions. Competitions are very interactive and social ways to learn.

Thanks to the Internet, any individual is only seconds away from the latest competitions worldwide. Competitions give you a life time experience, where you can rub shoulders with the best that the world has to offer. One might feel alienated initially but that sense of alienation is actually the best part of a competition.

You meet people, you learn from them, compare yourself with them and then you know where you stand and enhance your passion accordingly.

To be candid about it: competitions are the only away that can lead you to a better understanding of your potential. This is just like examination where the urge to outshine all and sundry gives the person the pluck to plunge deep into the remotest recesses of his existence and parade whatever latent talent he might possess.

Success in such competitions raises a person’s stature in the eyes of those who watch and also in one’s own eyes, as it gives a feeling of walking on water. Those who shun being examined will never experience the true realization, blooming and fructification of their talent and maybe they will leave this world with their skills unhoned, and will always run from tests — how will you find out how good you are?

Who knows, maybe you are that student who can beat all others and get first position.

So it all boils down to how fiercely ambition burns in a person, the ability to endeavor intensely and when both these factors become allies then there is only one direction a person can move in and that is upwards. Anyone can do anything but is if he wants to do it.

In my opinion only those who are smart can learn from people who are better than them in any way, others will only envy them. So how many of you are smart enough to go, compete and learn?

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Blog by Xarlish Amjad Campus Ambassador (Roots College International, Pakistan).

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