Design Our Tomorrow Conference

What do you imagine when you think of the word “design”?

Furniture, architecture, or computer graphics?

How about climate change, invention, or medicine? These are the many facets that Guinness World Record holders, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and contemporary artists talked about at the annual Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) Conference 2011.

DOT Conference Nov 12, 2011. Photo Credit: Trevor Haldenby

The conference was held at the beautiful Convocation Hall at University of Toronto’s downtown campus, and it was filled with students, young professionals, journalists, Nobel Peace Prize winners, seasoned professors, optimists — and a few pessimists. All were bright-eyed and excited for the speakers ahead.

The conference began with a performance by violin virtuoso, Yi-Ting Chen, and featured some incredible thinkers and dream makers. The audience was treated to new scientific discoveries, an original music score on the world’s first water instrument (the hydraulophone), and inspirational speakers — all in the span of 6 hours!

The Hydraulophone. Photo Credit: Trevor Haldenby

If you’re in a rut, or you’re down in the dumps about school, work, and life in general, I highly recommend finding a student conference near you. Here are my top 3 reasons to be a conference delegate:

  1. Be inspired
    I came away with this conference with a renewed sense of determination and courage. It’s really refreshing to hear about a non-athlete who set the World Record for farthest distance traveled by his own power in a single day. It’s also remarkable the kinds of technologies being developed to aid the elderly to stay connected with loved ones.
  2. Meet new people
    This conference was held in downtown Toronto, but a lot of students from surrounding cities made the trip. At conferences you can meet people from different schools and interact with professors too! All of the speakers were available afterwards in the atrium and were eager to interact with the audience.
  3. Learn
    Design Our Tomorrow was a conference for youth who wanted to make a difference – from PhD computer science students, to undergraduate interior design, the speakers and the audience represented a broad array of studies. I learned a lot about design and aethestics that I wouldn’t have known otherwise!

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