A Follow Friday From StudentEvents.com!

Hello all our lovely readers,

Hope the New Year is treating you all well, and if it isn’t then it can only get better!

Today we’re hijacking the Follow Friday Twitter trend. It’ll give you a chance get to know the team behind this blog and the rest of our Campus Ambassadors a bit better! You can tweet us your questions, comments or whatever you feel like. We have all sorts of inspiring, quirky and wonderful individuals in our midst with all sorts of ideas and interesting tweets, so check us out!

Sarah, the Big Campus Ambassador Chief! – http://twitter.com/#!/SarahWitiuk

Marta – http://twitter.com/#!/Martholio

Barbara – http://twitter.com/#!/bpoberc

Angelina – http://twitter.com/#!/MeowAngie

Arush – http://twitter.com/#!/arushchandna

Sreekanth – http://twitter.com/#!/sreeitbhu

Satyaprem – http://twitter.com/#!/Satyaprem007

Archit – http://twitter.com/#!/arc7971

Xarlish – http://twitter.com/#!/XarlishAmjad

Vera – http://twitter.com/#!/VeraOreti

Prashannth – http://twitter.com/#!/vprashannth

Mayur – http://twitter.com/#!/Mayur_sk

Vincent – http://twitter.com/#!/azode90

Rizalul – http://twitter.com/#!/sora_mean_ciel

Adedapo – http://twitter.com/#!/daclean2003

Daniel – http://twitter.com/#!/DanielTurikumwe

Dhruv – http://twitter.com/#!/dhruvkhandelwal

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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One thought on “A Follow Friday From StudentEvents.com!

  1. […] Are you on twitter? If so, follow our Campus Ambassadors – you’ll find a full list of their twitter handles in our special Follow Friday! […]

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