Blog Recap: January 6, 2012

This week we had a lot of fun reading posts from our Campus Ambassadors about a variety of tips, tricks, and personal stories. Here’s a recap of what was talked about this week!

Tips & Tricks

To start off the new year, we answered your questions like “Why should I participate in a Student Event?” Check out these 4 Power Tips and share them with your friends to get them (and you!) motivated. Don’t believe us? Read Campus Ambassador Xarlish Amjad’s personal take on Student Competitions!


What is university like for people around the world? As Vera Oreti, Campus Ambassador for the University of Nairobi, tells us, diligence and hard work are two of the most important qualities in students everywhere! Read on about how Culture influences Education in “Lessons from Kenya: Work Hard, Play Hard!”

Special Interest

Consultancy is tough – especially when you don’t know who you’ll be working for! This week, the results are in… did Barbara get her first choice company to work with over the next year? Read this week’s installment “From the Classroom to Consultancy” to find out.

Campus Ambassadors

Are you on twitter? If so, follow our Campus Ambassadors – you’ll find a full list of their twitter handles in our special Follow Friday!

That’s all for now! Happy New Year and Happy Reading to everyone – and good luck to those going back to school next week! For e-mail updates every time we post advice, sign-up for our newsletter in the sidebar on your right!


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