How to Succeed in Life Without Getting Ulcers

It has been no surprise that since the beginning of the “noughties,” technology has been integrated into every aspect of life to a level previously only entertained in the wistful looks of science fiction fans. The pace of our lives has sped up.


There is an unprecedented supply of information at our fingertips that we need to absorb to decide what we want to do with our lives. By the time we’re wrestling with the throes of puberty, we have to have already settled on one career choice from thousands of possibilities; all so that we can take the right classes in high school, study the right subject at university, and ultimately land our coveted dream job.


For a student and potential entrant into the UK job market, the pressure is on to live that ideal. Competition is fierce, with employers looking for the best of the best across the globe, so whatever you decide to study, you have to do it “guns blazing” to stand a chance.

But how can we know we’re making the right decisions? And even when we know what we want, how can we run the gauntlet of CVs and interviews?

This is where student events come in. Ever since my first experience as a student in the UK, the importance of participating in events has been stressed over and over. Events not only give me a chance to dabble in different career options, but also builds my CV with skills like initiative that put me ahead of the competition.

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Perhaps most importantly, through participating in events you prepare yourself for the entire process rather than going blindly and giving yourself an ulcer waiting for a call-back.

Now that’s something worth thinking about, isn’t it?

Post by Marta Svetek, StudentEvents Campus Ambassador at Warwick University, UK.

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