Students and The Piracy Paradox

Hello all and welcome to my new weekly spot! From now on I will be posting new stuff every Monday (or as many Mondays as possible), and not just the “How to” stuff, but a few of my academia/event/student/campus-life ramblings as well. Basically anything I find that I think you might find interesting.

This week let’s start off with a theme that is uniquely and very strongly linked to students the world over: piracy. Lets face it.

Everyone’s done it, but students seem to especially depend on it.

And now it seems the US government is going in for the kill.

The other day I came across this article about a UK student supposedly being extradited to the US over his acts of online piracy.


What could SOPA mean for Students?

But it doesn’t stop at creators of such websites. Since I’m studying the business of creativity, intellectual property law is a very important topic, and when a course-mate showed me information about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), I was all ears. Here’s a brief explanation of SOPA.

The relationship between students and piracy in my personal opinion really represents an interesting paradox. Without free access to them, would most popular TV shows, movies and albums ever reach a sustainable level of recognition in the public? Would they be such an essential part of popular culture? Online existence for students demands extensive knowledge of these. Do students have the money to buy all the albums, movies and other media that participating in today’s social media discourse and popular culture requires?

Students, Piracy, and Megavideo

Students, Piracy, and Megavideo - What could SOPA/PIPA mean for popular culture?

On the other hand, if there is inadequate financial return on investment for the content creators, will they keep making the content? And so on.

Obviously this issue is much more extensive than this, but what do you think? As a student, what is your view on piracy?

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2 thoughts on “Students and The Piracy Paradox

  1. ottabelle says:

    Piracy is a heavy topic. I used to download more than I do now.

    Some things downloaded you simply cannot find anywhere else.

    Sometimes, I did it because I couldn’t afford it.

    My opinion is if it’s indie, go try and support them as much as you can. If it’s a megabucks star, I don’t think they’ll hurt if you download their new hit.

  2. martholio says:

    My thoughts exactly. Especially when it comes to big music stars, they make their millions from endorsements and appearances and other spin-off things from their fame, not simply their music. And they’re much more famous if more people can get their hands on their music. On the other hand indie artists’ bread and butter are their music royalties and what they make from gigs.

    Concerning movies though, I see how many really do need a considerable amount of money to make a movie even if it’s small and also how long it takes before they see any returns on their efforts. But I find something profoundly wrong with some actor, no matter how brilliant, getting $20 million for shooting one movie.

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