They make Drano for that, don’t they?

The deadline looms nearer and nearer and here I am, sitting in front of the computer, staring at my screen with an expression that could be described as void with a subtle hint of desperation. Indeed, this has been a ritual for a number of days now as I attempt to offer a work of my great knowledge of intellectual property law to the scrutiny of the panel of professors and external markers, but cannot produce said work in the required physical form.

In other words, I’ve got an essay due and I just can’t squeeze the words out of my brain. Your faithful blogger, my friends, is suffering from writer’s block.

In fact, I’m suffering such writer’s block I decided to write about it because I couldn’t think of anything else to write about this week.

Me, most of the day.

My usual remedy is to go do something completely unrelated for a few hours and come back with a fresher mind, in the hope that I’ll see things from a better (more writable) perspective. This time it turned into spending hours on Facebook, YouTube, 9GAG and BBC iPlayer. And driving my friends nuts with floods of posts.

Other times I try brainstorming ideas, concepts or characteristics of/around the issues I’m supposed to discuss. Usually this gives me at least a couple of ideas I can begin expanding on. This time, nothing. I can only hope to get out of this funk and actually write something before the deadline.

So now I ask you, my darling readers. What do you do when you have writer’s block? Post your suggestions in the comments below!

Much love,


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5 thoughts on “They make Drano for that, don’t they?

  1. Noemie S says:

    This is one of the reasons why I never leave things to the last minute. There are days when your mind just isn’t ‘in the zone’. I usually do what you suggested which is to do something completely unrelated, such as practicing bass or going out for a jog. However if I’m close to the deadline and can’t afford to lose a precious minute, I write down main words or ideas of each section and go from there. I’ll usually need to go over it again when I’m ‘in the zone’, but at least it gets your mind to think about it (not to mention it makes me feel better since the page is no longer blank).

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  3. Ottabelle says:

    I take a break and write something else, usually a short story. That or I make an outline of what I need to write about.

  4. martholio says:

    Yeah, it’s a good thing I didn’t leave this one to the last minute! We’ll see what happens but for now it’s essay submitted bliss hehe.

    And wow, I wish I’d have such a productive writer’s block solution, can’t write short stories worth a d**n!

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