From the Classroom to Consultancy #9

This week we got the opportunity to hash out some concrete plans for the coming months – with our actual client (and not just in class)!

Since our research is almost done, we’ve started to generate some solutions to attract more male volunteers and service users to the organization. For example, by reviving an old community day center, we can promote the organization’s new activities and services. That should kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone. And it should make for a pretty exciting undertaking, too!

Later on we were also invited to a volunteer party (as quasi volunteers ourselves). We chatted over mulled wine with some of the 75 attending. They didn’t disappoint on the mulled wine front – despite it being only 1:30pm on a weekday afternoon. Surprisingly, there were quite a few high-spirited retirees who matched us students in knocking them back – only to have our cups magically refilled. What a party!

A choir of ladies sang and a seriously gifted magician followed in the party repertoire, altogether making for a wonderful early afternoon get-together. A couple of sweet ladies recognized me from the tea dance and I felt assured and happy that we had, nevertheless, bonded with everybody there.

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