From the Classroom to Consultancy #8

Shadowing some of the organization’s activities and services this Monday has been, hands down, the absolute highlight of my week. Who would have thought it?

Our team split up into three groups, and I went to check out a tea dance. It’s basically a Victorian English-style afternoon involving tea and dancing (ie. Waltzing and cucumber sandwiches, that kind of thing).


I was very glad to have gone, mainly on account of a rather interesting factor concerning the event:

the average attendee was in their mid-eighties.

There were several older gentlemen present for us to interview. We were able to gather many valuable and interesting responses (boy they had some stories to tell!), but it was talking to one particular 94-year-old lady that gave me a much appreciated new-found sense of optimism and possibility. In between rounds of dancing her little butt off, this nonagenarian talked about her love for conversation, education, keeping the mind active and the brain curious.

”You’re never too old to learn something new”, she stressed.

The woman earned her university degree in history at the age of 70! Now that’s something to think about, isn’t it.

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