Social Media Explained

Facebook comes naturally to most students. Most of us have had it for four or five years, and we’re so addicted to it that no amount  of physical human interaction will quell our compulsive need to check our newsfeed. But did you know that social media could lead to your future job? Did you know that there are all kinds of companies out there looking to hire you as a consultant to make their business prevalent online? Did you know that twitter isn’t just for absurd daily minute-to-minute updates on celebrity’s lives, but it can be the most important tool you use for your career search?

More on social media in the coming weeks. Social media is going to change your life. Trust me. I am a twitter converter, so have a little faith and follow these steps:

Step 1: create an account on twitter and claim your first and last name. If it’s already taken, try a version of it like John_Doe or JohnDoe1 or IAmJohnDoe.

Step 2: go up to the search bar and look for StudentEventsCo and sarahwitiuk and then follow us.

Step 3: See how many of your favourite companies/brands, musicians, community organizations, student groups, political leaders, etc. are on twitter and follow them for updates. Tweet to them, see if they respond. Retweet inspirational things they’ve said (its the same as “Liking” something on Facebook). Play around with it and get comfortable! Life-changing tips are on their way.

Steps 4 & 5 coming soon!

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