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Life Hacks: How to Be A Grown Up

As we go through university, we learn a lot about ourselves, our parents, and our friends. One of the things I’ve always been looking for is a How-To guide on how to be a grown up. Like, the little things that your mom knows to do when you spill red wine on your carpet, or when you need to take Advil vs. Tylenol. Most of us look on Google for answers, but then there’s the bigger, anxiety-ridden, what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life questions that don’t exactly have an easy click-through solution.

I’m with you on this.

Since we’re both students, I figured I’d do some research into the matter, and present you with my findings. This is only the beginning. By the end of the next 4 months (I would say 4 weeks, but hey, I’m an undergrad = not too much spare time for blogging) I hope to leave you – students of the world – with some Life Hacks, some tips and tricks, and some overall ANXIETY-REDUCING ideas for how to cope with life in general.

That’s the plan. In the meantime, here ‘s a few I Wish I’d Thought of That tips from my personal life over the past 4 years to start you off:

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s Life Hacks: How to Be A Grown Up. Leave a comment below if you’d like to join the discussion, I’m open for it if you are.

— Sarah Witiuk
P.S. You can follow me on twitter @SarahWitiuk and pinterest.

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Quote of the Day

Gratitude is an important quality to practice in your everyday life. Take a moment now to reflect on what you are thankful for in your life.

No matter how big or soft or warm your bed is, you still have to get out of it. – Grace Slick

Quote of the Day

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. – Mark Twain

Quote of the Day

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The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

Quote of the Day

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Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. – Liz Smith

Quote of the Day

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Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it. – Louise Hart

Quote of the Day

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12 Creative Ways to find a Summer Job

Now that school is winding down, a lot of students are looking for summer jobs. You want to find the best job possible – one in your field of interest, that pays well, and gives you a ton of relevant experience…. but how? Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Don’t delay being happy until the future. What can you do to be happy today? Right now?

Happiness in the palm of your hand

Happiness in the palm of your hand. Credit: Pinterest

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Quote of the Day

“I believe I was put on earth to cause a ruckus.” ~ Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga Telephone

Lady Gaga, Credit: Google Images

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Advice for Students

Try to keep your focus inward and don’t compare yourself to others. You are exactly where you should be.

Keep calm and Stay Positive

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“But I’m only an Undergrad…”

University: the best years of your life – packed with parties, late nights at the library, cramming for tests, and getting your first A on a paper. What more could you ask for?

Among all the partying and cramming, it might be tough to think that at the end of these 3 or 4 years, you’re actually going to be entering the “real world” – and I’m not talking about the outrageous MTV reality show.

If you’re going into your final year this fall, you’ll probably start to feel the heat – career fairs left, right and centre, all your friends applying to Med School or Grad School, and your aunts and uncles constantly asking you what your “life plan” is. Your heart is racing, you’re feeling dizzy, a voice deep down inside keeps chanting:

What do I really want to do after I graduate?

If the answer to that question is making you draw a blank, then we’ve got news for you. This long-kept secret has been passed down from generation to generation of competitive overachievers, and now we’re telling you. Imagine a way you can not only find out what you want to do, but also talk to company recruiters or researchers, meet new people, win prize money, and also have fun doing it….

The answer: Student events.

Student events – competitions, conferences, or seminars – are an incredible resource to get ahead during your undergrad and also ease your anxiety about the future. By participating in a local, national, or global event, you get the chance to network with savvy intellectuals, and even ask people how they got to be where they are now.

When you participate in an event, you’re opening doors to lots of different opportunities – from internships, to finding a mentor, to winning some prizes or even cold hard cash (thank you PSYC 101 term paper!)

The best part? There are literally thousands of events out there waiting for you to try out.

So the question is…. are you looking for them?

*Did you know? A new trend showing up in today’s job market is to add an Events section to your resume, right next to your Education and Work Experience. Events show your future employer that you are ambitious, motivated, and involved – all traits of a great employee.

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Quote of the Day

Advice from a college grad on how to spend your university years:

“I wish I knew I was supposed to be taking risks and getting lost–not trying to settle down and find a job.”


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Quote of the Day

“Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell.”

For more inspirational quotes, follow @SarahWitiuk on twitter.

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Four reasons finishing fourth year sucks

Post by Kieran Slobodin, Vice-President (University Affairs) at Queen’s University, Kingston.

Reblogged from:

April has always been a month of renewal.  The bright rays of the April sun are the first glimmer of hope after the doldrums of a dreary winter and turn our minds to rejuvenation.  April is when our parks fill up and our porches become occupied full time.  Yes, April is like a Star Wars sequel: A New Hope.

Unless you’re in fourth year, in which case it blows.

4. We’re still ‘technically’ students

On the last day of classes my house threw a party.  Thursday, April 5, last day of classes.  Last day of undergrad.  Perhaps the last day of classes for all time (screw you, Grad School!).  All that week facebook statuses were popping up with ‘last class!’ or ‘last seminar’ or ‘last Alfie’s night of my undergrad!’ Everyone was ecstatic and some people invested more time creating Facebook groups than they actually spent in class those final four days.  Like freed prisoners we celebrated that night.

The Reality?

Like four exams.  And two final papers.  And a film project.  Literally no one was done anything and the extended weekend of Easter only helped perpetuate that lie.  Like a dark hangover cloud fourth year students are starting to realize that they still have to buckle down one last time and study hard.  Unless you were blessed with a shortened semester you are still resigned to one last study blitz.  Perhaps you only wish to pass the course and only need 8% on that 40% weight final to get your pass.  But most likely you’re going to be faced with the same dilemma you were your other seven exam periods: you didn’t go to class and you have no idea what the course is about.


When the hell did I sign for Ayn Rand and Postmodern Epistomology: A Comparative Review?! Photo credit: QuickMeme.

3. Bucket Lists

Bucket lists as a concept were first perpetuated by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as a way to cheat death.  Or make the most out of life. One of those.  A bucket list as portrayed in the movie is essentially just a macabre wish list.  However, ever since the Bucket List, arguably Morgan Freeman’s worst movie after Evan Almighty, there has not been a more tired cliché for graduating students.

Groosfrabas. Photo credit: Blogspot.

Bucket lists symbolize a last push by panicking students to capture every memory they can of university.  The thought is that with a year of dedicated effort you can achieve in your final year what you failed to do in your first three.

The Reality?

There’s a reason you never did any of your bucket list in the first 75% of your undergraduate career.  Whether it’s because your list is too challenging or too much work, you quickly realize that trying to capture stave off your inevitable nostalgia is sadder than Madonna trying to stay relevant.

The problem is when you try and cram in three years of missed opportunity you forget what makes the stuff you DID do fun.  The point of the university experiences that typically wind up on bucket lists is the story behind the accomplishment.  When you reduce those stories down to a checklist they tend to lose all meaning.

Continue reading this story here…

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Your 5 Steps to Networking Success

Networking is finding the right people with the right resources and having them help you get the word out.

Right people + Right resources = Success

By yourself, you are nowhere near as effective as when you have a network of contacts and friends working together to help promote you or your new venture. Networking is as easy as making new friends. If you can make new friends, then you can network. But making new friends does take work. It’s not magic.Build your Network in 5 easy steps!

How do we do this? Let’s break it down into 3 important sections:

  • Identify your value
  • Build your network
  • Leverage your network


Step 1: Make Yourself Valuable by Helping Others

Make it a point to provide helpful information / advice / support to at least one person each day. This is a major stumbling block for people because of the personal investment it requires, but once you realize the multiplier effect that’s attached to each of your efforts, you will be surprised at why more people aren’t doing this.

Attributes of Service posted on a bulletin board with pushpins

Just help others. Quite often you’ll hear people voicing their concerns in public forums or even on twitter. If it takes a few minutes of your time to point them in the right direction, do it right there and then.

Summary: You have to prove your value to people who are vastly more influential than you – this translates into building your own worth by playing with the smaller fish first. It’s a step-by-step process. Continue reading

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How to Make the Most of your 1st Year at University

What does University mean to you?

Is it freedom because you finally got away from home and can actually decide what to buy from where and even when to go to bed? Or is it scary because of the uncertainty of the new environment? Regardless of the wide varieties of interpretations, you’re finally here – this long-awaited first year at uni!

Here are 4 “musts” to make the most of your freshman year: Continue reading

7 Must-Have Traits to become a Young Entrepreneur

You’re young, ambitious, and full of amazing ideas, why not start your own business?  With the job prospects for students and recent graduates looking grim, now may be a better time than ever to capitalize on that great idea you have by turning it into a profitable business. 

Continue reading

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Last weekend before school starts!


As you start to settle into a new semester of school, remember to keep calm, cool, and collected – or in other words stay on top of your work!

You have the opportunity now to establish the best study practices, especially if your program has a lot of big assignments or projects due around the same time. Think ahead and manage your time efficiently and effectively.

Always remember that not only the knowledge, but also the skills you are learning right now are going to benefit you throughout your life.

Good luck this semester and if you want to get involved in a challenging competition or a powerful conference, head on back to us at!

— Sarah Witiuk, Site Content Manager

Ultimate Student (Every Day) Resolutions for 2012

I was asked to write an article about my New Year’s 2012 Resolutions, but I have decided that every moment we are still living in this world is a gift from God, a second chance granted to us in order to make ourselves better. We don’t have to wait for a whole year to pass in order to make a new list or try to change something drastic about ourselves, but we should use all the time we have! So, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I will share with you some of my EveryDay’s Resolutions:

Always believe that something great will happen

Be brave and take risks – if you don’t do it now, when will you?

Cherish the things you have before they are gone

Don’t stop doing something because people think it`s “Not Cool“; Good things are always cool without waiting for everyone else’s approval

Enjoy Life; Be Happy  

Failing lets you learn and gain experience, there is nothing wrong with you: It Is OK to Fail

Good Deeds are always rewarded

Have your own point of View, Think about everything & Don’t let Anybody control your mind

It‘s ok to believe in Fairytales & happy Endings

Join The Real World, even if it hurts, you will learn from it

Learn as much as you can from everything you see, hear, read or pass through

Modesty is not a bad thing

Now is your time – use it for Good

Open your Heart, love deeply those who love you & do your best to appreciate them

People are not that bad: some are misguided or misunderstood, so always forgive & don’t let hatred occupy a space in your heart that you need to spare for love

Respect Others’ opinions & traditions

Set A Goal & Do your best to achieve it

You Can Always Change the World; Decide to change it for the Better  🙂

and finally…

Keep Moving Forward 🙂

Blog Post by Amany Ehab (Campus Ambassador for Faculty of Medicine Cairo, Egypt)

Blog Recap: January 6, 2012

This week we had a lot of fun reading posts from our Campus Ambassadors about a variety of tips, tricks, and personal stories. Here’s a recap of what was talked about this week!

Tips & Tricks

To start off the new year, we answered your questions like “Why should I participate in a Student Event?” Check out these 4 Power Tips and share them with your friends to get them (and you!) motivated. Don’t believe us? Read Campus Ambassador Xarlish Amjad’s personal take on Student Competitions!


What is university like for people around the world? As Vera Oreti, Campus Ambassador for the University of Nairobi, tells us, diligence and hard work are two of the most important qualities in students everywhere! Read on about how Culture influences Education in “Lessons from Kenya: Work Hard, Play Hard!”

Special Interest

Consultancy is tough – especially when you don’t know who you’ll be working for! This week, the results are in… did Barbara get her first choice company to work with over the next year? Read this week’s installment “From the Classroom to Consultancy” to find out.

Campus Ambassadors

Are you on twitter? If so, follow our Campus Ambassadors – you’ll find a full list of their twitter handles in our special Follow Friday!

That’s all for now! Happy New Year and Happy Reading to everyone – and good luck to those going back to school next week! For e-mail updates every time we post advice, sign-up for our newsletter in the sidebar on your right!

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