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No matter how big or soft or warm your bed is, you still have to get out of it. – Grace Slick

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. – Mark Twain

Quote of the Day

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The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

Quote of the Day

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Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. – Liz Smith

Quote of the Day

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Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it. – Louise Hart

Quote of the Day

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12 Creative Ways to find a Summer Job

Now that school is winding down, a lot of students are looking for summer jobs. You want to find the best job possible – one in your field of interest, that pays well, and gives you a ton of relevant experience…. but how? Continue reading

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Four reasons finishing fourth year sucks

Post by Kieran Slobodin, Vice-President (University Affairs) at Queen’s University, Kingston.

Reblogged from: http://myams.org/news/ams-blog/four-reasons-finishing-fourth-year-sucks.aspx

April has always been a month of renewal.  The bright rays of the April sun are the first glimmer of hope after the doldrums of a dreary winter and turn our minds to rejuvenation.  April is when our parks fill up and our porches become occupied full time.  Yes, April is like a Star Wars sequel: A New Hope.

Unless you’re in fourth year, in which case it blows.

4. We’re still ‘technically’ students

On the last day of classes my house threw a party.  Thursday, April 5, last day of classes.  Last day of undergrad.  Perhaps the last day of classes for all time (screw you, Grad School!).  All that week facebook statuses were popping up with ‘last class!’ or ‘last seminar’ or ‘last Alfie’s night of my undergrad!’ Everyone was ecstatic and some people invested more time creating Facebook groups than they actually spent in class those final four days.  Like freed prisoners we celebrated that night.

The Reality?

Like four exams.  And two final papers.  And a film project.  Literally no one was done anything and the extended weekend of Easter only helped perpetuate that lie.  Like a dark hangover cloud fourth year students are starting to realize that they still have to buckle down one last time and study hard.  Unless you were blessed with a shortened semester you are still resigned to one last study blitz.  Perhaps you only wish to pass the course and only need 8% on that 40% weight final to get your pass.  But most likely you’re going to be faced with the same dilemma you were your other seven exam periods: you didn’t go to class and you have no idea what the course is about.


When the hell did I sign for Ayn Rand and Postmodern Epistomology: A Comparative Review?! Photo credit: QuickMeme.

3. Bucket Lists

Bucket lists as a concept were first perpetuated by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as a way to cheat death.  Or make the most out of life. One of those.  A bucket list as portrayed in the movie is essentially just a macabre wish list.  However, ever since the Bucket List, arguably Morgan Freeman’s worst movie after Evan Almighty, there has not been a more tired cliché for graduating students.

Groosfrabas. Photo credit: Blogspot.

Bucket lists symbolize a last push by panicking students to capture every memory they can of university.  The thought is that with a year of dedicated effort you can achieve in your final year what you failed to do in your first three.

The Reality?

There’s a reason you never did any of your bucket list in the first 75% of your undergraduate career.  Whether it’s because your list is too challenging or too much work, you quickly realize that trying to capture stave off your inevitable nostalgia is sadder than Madonna trying to stay relevant.

The problem is when you try and cram in three years of missed opportunity you forget what makes the stuff you DID do fun.  The point of the university experiences that typically wind up on bucket lists is the story behind the accomplishment.  When you reduce those stories down to a checklist they tend to lose all meaning.

Continue reading this story here…

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Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.

Liz Smith

Just Start

Quote of the Day

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Student Unions

First off, apologies for the late post today. It’s been a pretty hectic weekend with lots of lovely and some not so lovely little adventures, but either way I hope you will forgive me and still enjoy this week’s post!

As some of you may or may not know I also work for Warwick Students Union as an Entertainments Representative (basically telling people where/when to party, wooo!).

Warwick SU is a non-profit organisation that is technically separate from the university but works very closely with it to enhance the “student experience”. To quote our motto, the union is “run by students, for students”. In the UK pretty much every university has a corresponding SU which is a great way for them to listen to their students’ voices and be able to improve their offering. On the other hand SUs are also a great way for students to get their voices heard about issues on everything from academia to living costs and social causes.

Our lovely Warwick SU Sabbatical Officers

SUs however have evolved far beyond just student-university liaison, as my job title can tell you. They are the central hub for university social life through managing all university Societies and Sports Clubs, providing student-priced cafés/pubs/restaurants/shops, entertainments through club nights, events and live concerts and much, much more. They also form the central student support system for non-academic issues, so basically anything from fixing your computer to counselling.

Here’s a link to our website if you want to have a look! http://www.warwicksu.com/

Personally I think SUs are something that the UK Higher Education system really got right, but I know not many countries (including my native Slovenia) have such a well organised and centralised system just for student well-being.

So I’m wondering, what kind of support systems do Unis in your neck of the woods have? Do they simply unleash you into the wilds of academia with nought but your cunning to protect you or is it a more centralised approach like in the UK? I really want to know!

Much love,


P.S. Apologies for not replying to comments yet, been very busy but will get back to you before the day is over!

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Students and The Piracy Paradox

Hello all and welcome to my new weekly spot! From now on I will be posting new stuff every Monday (or as many Mondays as possible), and not just the “How to” stuff, but a few of my academia/event/student/campus-life ramblings as well. Basically anything I find that I think you might find interesting.

This week let’s start off with a theme that is uniquely and very strongly linked to students the world over: piracy. Lets face it.

Everyone’s done it, but students seem to especially depend on it.

And now it seems the US government is going in for the kill.

The other day I came across this article about a UK student supposedly being extradited to the US over his acts of online piracy.


What could SOPA mean for Students?

But it doesn’t stop at creators of such websites. Since I’m studying the business of creativity, intellectual property law is a very important topic, and when a course-mate showed me information about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), I was all ears. Here’s a brief explanation of SOPA.

The relationship between students and piracy in my personal opinion really represents an interesting paradox. Without free access to them, would most popular TV shows, movies and albums ever reach a sustainable level of recognition in the public? Would they be such an essential part of popular culture? Online existence for students demands extensive knowledge of these. Do students have the money to buy all the albums, movies and other media that participating in today’s social media discourse and popular culture requires?

Students, Piracy, and Megavideo

Students, Piracy, and Megavideo - What could SOPA/PIPA mean for popular culture?

On the other hand, if there is inadequate financial return on investment for the content creators, will they keep making the content? And so on.

Obviously this issue is much more extensive than this, but what do you think? As a student, what is your view on piracy?

P.S. Follow me on Twitter @Martholio for more updates on StudentEvents.com and microramblings from yours truly!

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