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Welcome to the official StudentEvents.com Blog

StudentEvents.com is a platform for competitions, conferences, and seminars for university students and young professionals. Get involved and discover an event today that suits your talents!

Meet the StudentEvents Team

Jonathan Friedman, CEO and Co-Founder

“What if we take all the events out there and list them on one platform where students could easily find and register to them?” What began as a simple idea has become the #1 database for student opportunities – StudentEvents.com. Jonathan has a BSc International Business Administration, Cum Laude, and a MSc in Finance and Investments, both from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has previously founded an international business and he participated in many student competitions, conferences, and seminars during his academic studies.

Likes: Finding awesome events, Kermit the Frog, Daft Punk

Twitter: Hear about new events first @StudentEventsCo

Sarah Witiuk, Community Manager/Director of Campus Ambassadors Program

Sarah is a senior at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. Although she is majoring in psychology, she has taken pretty much every elective under the sun – from archaeology to environmental studies, beginner Dutch to world philosophies! Right now she is the queen of everything social media and is passionate about expanding StudentEvents.com internationally through the Campus Ambassadors program.

Likes: Drinking London fogs, Leadership conferences, Creative thinking.

Twitter: @SarahWitiuk

Arush Chandna, Head Ambassador

Arush is in his third year studying Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology in India. In 2011, Arush found out about the Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge through StudentEvents.com and he and his team went on to place 3rd in the international competition! Arush knows a lot about the value of student events, and has some great tips & tricks to share with other ambitious students. Arush is a spectacular leader who is currently helping StudentEvents.com become the #1 resource for outgoing students around the world.

Likes: Brainstorming business ideas with Sarah, Going to Festivals, Thinking Green.

Twitter: @ArushChandna

Marta Svetek, Head Blogger

Marta is pursuing her MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at Warwick University in the UK. A native of Slovenia, Marta is an avid photographer of “all things weird and wonderful.” Marta joined the StudentEvents team back in September 2011 as a Campus Ambassador and has now grown into her role as Head Blogger, with great posts such as “How to Succeed in Life Without Getting Ulcers”, “They Make Drano for that, don’t they?” and “The Power of Schmoozing.” Catch Marta’s new musings every Monday!

Likes: Traveling, Writing, and a good, heavy dose of Rock’n’Roll

Twitter: @Martholio


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